City of Pittsburgh 2011 EIT

Jordan Tax Service, Inc. (JTS) was selected by the Allegheny County Central Tax Collection Committee (ACCTCC) to collect the EARNED INCOME TAX for the Allegheny County Central Tax Collection District (ACCTCD). The ACCTCD includes the City of Pittsburgh, School District of Pittsburgh and Mount Oliver Borough. These changes are the result of PA Act 32 of 2008, which will take effect in 2012.

An employer must register with JTS if it:

  • Has a location in the ACCTCD where it employs one or more persons.
  • Currently withholds 2011 EIT to the City of Pittsburgh or School District of Pittsburgh.

Starting January 1, 2012, JTS will be collecting Quarterly Wage Tax (WT-1), Monthly Wage Tax (WTD), Net Profit (NP-5), Individual Wage Tax (WT-4), Year End Reconciliation (WTE-3) and the Individual Earned Income Tax (PGH-40). This includes all current and prior 2012 taxes as well as 2011 final returns, 2011 4th quarter returns due in 2012 and any delinquent 2011 taxes for taxes listed above.

For more information visit or call 412-345-7966.

The City of Pittsburgh will still collect current and prior tax for the Payroll Expense Tax (ET-1), Local Services Tax (LS-1 & LS-3), Amusement Tax (AT), Parking Tax (PT), Institution Privilege Tax (ISP), Facility Usage Fee (UF) and all prior Business Privilege (BP), Mercantile Tax (MT), and Mercantile License (ML). The City of Pittsburgh will also still collect 2010 and prior Earned Income/Net Profit (PGH-40), and Wage Tax (WT-1 and WTE-3).

For more information visit or call 412-255-8822.

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